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What is the best way to apply this product?

Pump the product a few times onto the fingertips and gently massage it into the skin of the face, neck, and undereye area. The amount of skin coverage for this product can be tailored to the individual, so if you prefer more moisture, such as during the dry winter months, dispense a little more; if you prefer lighter coverage just dispense fewer pumps onto the fingertips and apply less. Within a couple of minutes this formula will quickly absorb into the skin and leave a soft, velvety feel, so whether you prefer thin or thick coverage your skin will look and feel amazing after application. This product is excellent to use just before applying loose or pressed powders as it will hold onto their pigments, extending their longevity and improving coverage uniformity.


This product can be used at any time of the day or night, and best results come from twice daily application. Do not be intimidated to use this product at night just because it has sun-protective properties. The UV mitigating ingredients (most notably zinc oxide, silica, and plant carotenoids) also have therapeutic benefits to the skin in addition to their photoprotective attributes, so they are beneficial at any time of the day or night. This is a 2oz airless pump bottle, so you will get double the longevity out of this product compared to a 1oz bottle that most other lines offer.


If I want to use other products in your line, what order should I apply them?
As a rule it is best to apply products with the thinnest consistency first and the thickest consistency last, so you’d apply the serums first, beginning with the Eye Serum Concentrate, then either the Ultra Serum or the Renew Serum, and then the Anti-Aging Complex cream last. For more details on product regimes for individual skin types as well as the entire line please see our product guide.


Does the Anti-Aging Complex™ have an official SPF rating?
At the current time we do not officially publish a SPF number rating for this product, but that isn’t to say that it doesn’t have one. Products that claim an SPF rating are subject to certain rules by the FDA in testing and in labeling that make formulating natural sunscreens more difficult. There are many products on the market that make SPF claims yet they have not gone through the required testing… these products are in technical violation of the law. Additionally, the vast majority of these products will either use standard sunscreen ingredients, which can be irritating and damaging to the skin, or just utilize a high concentration of mineral sunscreen agents as the only method of achieving their SPF rating (which often leaves a pasty white look to the skin). Because we use a combination of natural UV mitigating ingredients (zinc oxide, silica, and plant pigments), this product achieves broad-spectrum UVA/UVB photoprotection but with natural means that the FDA has yet to fully catch up in accepting. Unofficially, in our own testing we have calculated that this product falls within an SPF range of 15-20 (depending on the amount applied to the skin), but this is not something we officially claim on product labeling.

What form of zinc oxide does the Anti-Aging Complex use to shield the skin from UV damage?
We use a micronized, uncoated form of zinc oxide in the Anti-Aging Complex. The primary reason we chose it as part of the sunscreen factor in this formula is due to its classification as a "physical sunscreen" (a natural substance that reflects UV light away from the skin) as opposed to an “organic sunscreen” (which is a misnomer for the standard chemical sunscreens used in most sunblock products that absorbs UV light and breaks apart, generating free radicals in the process). Studies are emerging that point to cellular health issues in regards to nanoparticles of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which is why we opted for micronized zinc oxide instead of the nanoparticles, and many coated forms of zinc oxide use a synthetic coating system that hasn't been extensively researched for use on the skin, which is why we ultimately opted for micronized uncoated zinc oxide. Also, some research has suggested that zinc oxide alone is therapeutic for ultra-sensitive skin conditions, like rosacea, giving it an extra bonus in addition to sun protection in the uncoated form.


I have very sensitive skin, is this product safe for me?
Yes, most likely. Any skincare product may contain an ingredient that your particular skin doesn’t like, but this product has been specifically formulated for people with extremely sensitive skin, including rosacea and eczema. In fact, most people with these ultra-sensitive skin conditions use this product as a therapy for lessening their symptoms, especially in regards to reducing redness and flaking as well as evening out skin tone.


I have very oily skin; can I use this product?
Yes. The beauty of this formula is that the oils in it hydrate dry skin but the photoprotective minerals absorb excess oils from already oily skin. Essentially, it adapts to the skin that it is on by bringing it into balance (and the botanical oils in this formula do not clog pores and signal to the skin via the epidermis’ feedback mechanism to stop producing more sebum oils if there is already an overabundance of oil on the surface, so this balancing effect is maintained for hours). It sounds too good to be true, but that is the new era of skincare we are in – natural products that can actually adapt to your skin. If you’re still leery of trying a product with oils in it then there are always out serums formulas, which are oil-free.


I have very dry skin; can I use this product?
Yes. Those with very dry skin will find the botanical oils in this product very moisturizing. The light diffusing minerals in this product have a balancing effect on those with already oily skin, but when the skin is dry and there isn’t excess oil to absorb they remain on the surface to create a velvety skin feel and soften the appearance of fine lines while the organic oils moisturize by penetrating deeply into the epidermis to shield the skin from hydration loss. This formula was especially formulated with dry and mature skin in mind.


How does the Anti-Aging Complex instantly soften fine lines?
There are a few mechanisms by which this formula instantly improves the look of the skin, but the most notable is via light diffusion. Natural minerals are specially refined into a spherical shape so they scatter light in such a way that, when applied to the skin, creates a soft focus effect. This immediately softens the appearance of fine lines, especially around the eye area. This effect is combined with the natural epidermal plumping that comes from topically applied botanical oils. As they absorb into the skin, fine lines are filled in, enhancing the effects of the natural microspheres. And those are just the immediate results; wait until you’ve used the product for a while and begin experience the long-term anti-wrinkle and tightening effects.


Why is this formula an ivory/beige color instead of bright white like most creams?
There are very few things in nature that are actually a true white color; most ingredients that are beneficial for the skin come in some shade of color. Creams that are bright white are visually appealing, and perhaps they “look” effective, but it’s usually quite the opposite. If a cream is ultra-white it usually has ingredients in it that were added to create allure, but not to benefit the skin. Such products typically contain a low percentage of active ingredients, since beneficial plant oils and extracts usually have deep colors that tint the overall product when included at effective concentrations. The color of the Anti-Aging Complex actually works for the product, because those pigments are from carotenoids (photoprotective plant compounds that protect skin from sun damage during the day and neutralize free radicals at night). When applied to the skin, this lightly tinted cream disappears.


I’m pregnant and want to use this product; is it safe for me and my child?

While you should always consult your primary healthcare professional before using any product, this formula is comprised of ingredients that are recognized as generally safe for topical use while pregnant. Because we place a strong emphasis on designing natural products that utilize organic oils/extracts, our products are much safer than mainstream lines that use potentially harmful chemicals in their formulas. Even though the chemicals in such lines may be present in relatively small amounts, they can often build up in the body over time. The effects of these chemicals on an unborn fetus are largely unknown, but why take the risk when you have more natural, organic options to choose from?



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