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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Ingredients & Consistency

Do you use organic ingredients in your products?

Yes, we use organic extracts as well as compounds isolated from organic botanicals in our products.

What's the advantage of using organic ingredients instead of just natural ones?

We began in part as a response to the skincare industry's lack of truly beneficial, effective, and safe formulas. The vast majority of products on the market contain harmful ingredients mixed in with beneficial ones, and this is unacceptable. We aren’t devoted to using just natural ingredients, we’re devoted to using the right natural ingredients. Just because a skincare line claims to have natural products, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be completely effective, or even good for your skin. There are many substances in nature that are dangerous and harmful to the skin. Likewise, there are some plant extracts that are beneficial only in their organic form (since conventional, non-organic farming can yield plants with few phytonutrients and traces of herbicides/pesticides). We aim to select those natural ingredients that have not only been demonstrated in clinical studies to have dramatic, lasting benefits when topically applied but, when available, the organic versions of these ingredients.

What is the difference between “serums” and “complexes”?

Our serums are aqueous solutions (similar to a thin gel) that are the ideal consistency for the deliverability of certain active ingredients into the skin. For this reason the core treatment products in our line are serums. Our complexes are liquid-crèmes (similar to a lotion in consistency but with the benefits of a full crème) that are an ideal delivery system for moisturizing and lipid-soluble actives ingredients. The emulsion complexes in our line have a highly protective capacity, as they are able to form both moisturizing and UV-shielding barriers that protect the underlying epidermal layers. They also can actually push the active compounds of aqueous serum products deeper into the skin when applied last, enhancing the overall effectiveness of each.

Product Packaging, Samples, & Shelf Life

What is the shelf life of your products?

We recommend that products be used within one year from the moment of purchase.

Why do your products come in pump bottles instead of jars or lotion dispensers?

Keeping a tight seal on skincare products at all times is another reason our line remains at such high quality for such a long duration without using conventional preservatives. Skincare products that come in jars are repeatedly exposed to oxidizing and degrading environmental conditions (bacteria, pathogens, etc) every time they’re opened. This will slowly contaminate a product with repeated use. Using an air-tight dispensing pump ensures that only the amount immediately needed is dispensed from the bottle while the rest remains sealed inside.

Do you give out free samples?

We currently do not provide free samples over the internet, though many of our product retailers do provide in-house testers for clients to use. To really see dramatic, cumulative results from any skincare line it should be used daily for at least 3-4 weeks (with further results compounding for several weeks after that). This time period will allow you to truly evaluate a turn around in the appearance of deeper wrinkles, skin sagging, irregular pigmentation, etc.  A sample, on the other hand, would only last a few days. We’re very confident that our products will make such a difference in your skin that you will want to make subsequent purchases.  Repeat business is the cornerstone of our company.

How long do your products last from when I start using them to when the bottle is empty?

This varies from product to product and person to person, but used daily most individuals will find that our products last approximately 2 to 3 months from full to empty (compared to 1 to 1 ½ months with many other skincare lines).

Company Standards, Retailers, & Shipping Policies

Are your products tested on animals?

Absolutely not. Neither our finished products nor at any stage of product production are our products tested on animals. We do not contract with any other company that tests on animals nor condone it as an ethical practice. We are completely against animal testing in the cosmetic/skincare industry.

Are your products vegan?

Yes. Our products do not use animal or insect derived ingredients. We firmly believe that plant-derived compounds and extracts are the most effect ingredients for the skin.

Why do you charge one flat shipping rate regardless of how many products are ordered?

Charging one low, flat shipping rate is of greatest benefit to our customers, since they can buy a number of products all at once and not have to worry about incurring additional shipping fees that many other companies use to extract extra money out of their customers. Additionally, we often run free shipping promotions on orders over a certain amount.

I would like to become a product retailer, is this possible?

Our products are sold through physicians, med-spas, natural health stores, and other such professionally-directed retailers.  If you are interested in offering our products to your clients please refer to the professionals section of the site.

Product Application & Formulations

What is the importance of a skincare regime versus just using one product?

All of our products are formulated to work well individually, but they perform even better when used with each other throughout the day and night as part of an anti-aging skincare program. The skin can become "used to” some ingredients in skincare products when they are constantly being applied multiple times a day with no break. To break this cycle the skin responds very well to using a product (or group of products) during the day then using a different product (or group of products) at night. This switching between morning and night therapies gives the skin a diversity of ingredients to work with as well as keep it from becoming “used to” any one ingredient. Please see our application guide to view recommended product regimes and combinations.

Why do you recommend using some formulas at opposite times of the day?

Many of our products are meant to be used at opposite times of the day from each other for two main reasons.  First, because we use high concentrations of active ingredients we could not combine the night and day products into just one product without having to lower the concentration of each active compound (or take some out entirely), which would reduce overall effectiveness. Second, some ingredients are less stable in the presence of others. For instance, copper peptides can become less effective when combined in the same treatment as hydroxy acids. Both are extremely effective for anti-aging so we split them between the night and day formulas so that your skin can receive their full effectiveness at different times of the day without risking interaction.

Why are there separate treatments for the eye area and face areas treatments?

The eyes have the most tell-tale signs of aging of the entire body. The undereye area has not only the most pronounced wrinkles of the face but also has issues specific to only that skin region (e.g. dark circles, bags, puffiness, etc). So we include special ingredient complexes in undereye products to target these specific concerns. There are also certain ingredients that work very well on the face but would produce possibly undesired effects if used around the eye area. For example, hydroxy acids are very effective when used on the face but because the skin around the eyes is so much thinner they can often be too strong for the delicate undereye region. 

Sensativities & interactions

Can I use my regular moisturizer or sunscreen with your products?

Typically, yes. However, our formulas are meant to work together with each other and should eliminate the need for your current moisturizer, sunscreen, and other anti-aging products. When using any product that contains hydroxy acids it is very important to avoid using other products that also contain hydroxy acids, heavy exfoliation chemicals, and/or the vitamin A derivative Retinoic Acid. Likewise, exfoliating/resurfacing products should not be used if you are on Accutane (consult your physician for more information). But aside from this all ingredients in our products carry an extremely low risk of adverse interactions with substances in other formulas, though you should always consult with your skincare and/or medical professional before using any personal care product.

Can I use my regular makeup with your products?

Yes, the vast majority of cosmetics should be fine when applied over our products. In fact, applying our cream complexes to the face before applying loose or pressed powder makeup can help these cosmetics go on more evenly and last longer throughout the day.

I have sensitive/problem skin; can I use you line?

Our products are specifically formulated for those with sensitive/problem skin. Most people that have had little success with other skincare lines will find that their skin not only tolerates our line well, but that our products may dramatically reduce the irritation, inflammation, and redness typical of those with such conditions. However, to be safe, first do a patch test on a small area of skin to ensure that no adverse reaction occurs. Because some of our products use hydroxy acids, it is very important that you know your skin's sensitivity level to such substances before using them. In the very rare case that irritation, allergic reaction, or other adverse reaction occurs and persists, then discontinue use. Always consult a medical professional before starting any skincare program.

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