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We're different.

There are several skincare lines on the market, many that focus on anti-aging, and some that are even organic. But all of that isn't worth much if you don't see real results in your skin. You expect see the difference when using skincare products - it's what you're paying for after all. And that is where we come in.


SCRUTINY is built on the idea that you can actually have it all - clean formulas, organic ingredients, and real results. In other words, physiological improvements on the cellular level that translate to macro results on the visible surface, without the junk ingredients that seem to always hitch a ride in those other lines.

We want you to take our products to task. We want you to inspect our website, we want you to ask questions, and we want you to look at our formulas with a magnify glass. It's our mission to earn your trust, because that's the only real currency there is in a market that thrives on secrecy and loose regulations. You deserve better.

We stand up to scrutiny so your skin will stand up to scrutiny.

Stand up to scrutiny.


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